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audiovisual crap - art not for the masses. creation to satisfy the creator.

est. 1993. embracing current technology. music is food. rhythm is key.

contact: kybernaughty@gmx.net

News -02-23-13

OUT NOWKybernaughty’s Listening Comprehension Album

->Buy here (CD) or there (download)<-


News -02-21-12

The Arms Race goes on! For the last couple of months I’ve embarked on a massive shopping spree,

buying noisetoys, a respectable A 100 Modular System and various analog / vintage gear.

It’s all documented on Picasa, see link below (it actually works now). The latest output – snippets, loops, sessions- can

be found on http://soundcloud.com/kybernaughty  (as if anybody cared).

News -02-15-11

Some more Synthporn ! Check out my latest uploads. Currently assembling a

Doepfer A 100 Mini System...

News -02-13-11

Expanding my studio right now, not much music going on but instead some photos:

"Video" now has a link to Kybernaughty's Picasa Album

News -01-02-11

Happy New Year ! New video uploaded, "The Teacher Live @ Living room", feat.

remote controlled Korg vintage synth and Bleep Lab's Thingamagoop 2.

News -01-02-11

 Announcing "MUSIEK KAPUT" !!!

"A night of wasted tunes the bugs did not drag off after the jolly orgy of pushing buttons had come to an end"

News -01-02-11

Happy New Year ! New video uploaded, "The Teacher Live @ Living room", feat.

remote controlled Korg vintage synth and Bleep Lab's Thingamagoop 2.

News -12-16-10

OK, more tracks on soundcloud, yet more under way. Joined "Synthtopia" group,  updated

Off topic page with links to lots of photos...

News -12-12-10

Back from the Dead ! A lot has happened in the last three years....as you might have guessed.

In early 2008 I launched a new project, "The Teacher", which is an attempt at funneling my day-job

aggression into musical outpourings. A first release will hopefully see the light of day shortly:

"Kybernaughty presenting The Teacher: Listening Comprehension". Fully compliant with current naming

standards, it's going to be a homebrew release in a cardboard sleeve that doubles as a fold  - out classroom.

IF...and that's a big if , I find the time to actually sit down and make stuff...

For a change, the "Tracks" - page will now feature soundcloud links instead of links to mp3 files.

News -10-01-07

Here it is, the second kybernaughty release on Flyco: OBIEKT

Available now through Ant-Zen distribution.

>press release<

News -08-04-07

Here's yet  another track based on a movie - Kurosawa's "Throne of Blood"

News -07-14-07

Kybernaughty now also at myspace.com --> http://www.myspace.com/kybernaughty

News -04-09-07

Track attack ! Two new ones online...

News -04-05-07

Today I've got something special - not another new track, but a new shop ! Yes, micom (aka kybernaughty design division)

has set up shop at Shirt City: micom.shirtcity.com

News -03-25-07

"Gorogororiman" now online. This track is built around vocoder vocals and a lively drum and bass rhythm.

News -02-21-07

Yet another track that borrows heavily from Studio Ghibli's anime : "Hotaru"

News -01-04-07

Happy new year ! ..and here's the first track of the year: "warewarenomori".

News -10-19-06

A new -old- video is online": Ms. Synth, produced by LDX#40.

A Krautkilla Remix, "Hardkrauts", is also online.

News -10-01-06

Krautkilla is online - 'nuff said...

News -09-05-06

Vee need more tracks, and more roach... move your ass, ja ja.

News -08-10-06

Today's new track, Tronik ... eh, Avalon, is... well, another new track.

News -07-21-06

Today's new track, Tronik, is an experiment in slow-motion breakbeat. Rhythm is boring.

News -06-01-06

Another new track today - Kunstdarm, a collaboration between KBT and LDX.

News -05-25-06

This party sucks ! KBT Rock...

News -05-13-06

Achtung! Achtung !...we have a major update today:

--> the first music video is online

--> page design is now a little bit more user-friendly

--> a new track is online, featuring SPK vs. Arvo Paert...