New video online, this time a processed live recording of a home concert by Tobias Schmitt, trabouliste and Frank Wilke.


PETSCII Finally finished my latest C= programming journey. This time, it's all about generating abstract videos based on the C64's PETSCII character set - and hence it has the very creative name of PETSCII Video Generator (PVG). Here's a short promotional video.

Black Slayer   

The year of Blade Runner is here (where are my flying cars?), and what better way to kick this off than with a spanking new release? It's a Mini CD-R called Vint, celebrating (a bit belated) 20 years of LDX#40.

It contains two brand new multi-C64 tracks as well as remixes by kybernaughty and szmt - thank you, guys!

The CD comes in a custom cardboard box, with badge and stickers as bonus. Limited to $20 copies, individually numbered. Orders can be placed via Bandcamp or by contacting me directly (see info page). For the time being, this is a physical release only.


2018 is almost over, and I am taking my usual break at the end of the year :) But before that, thanks are due to some people!

The collaborators: Sascha Stadlmeier (Attenuation circuit), Zan Hoffman, Sebastian, Kershyll Vanne (synapscape), Guido Braun (Waffensupermarkt, ANALOGmusiq), Gustav Ring & Enrico Cerrato (Petrolio).

The organizers: Sascha Stadlmeier (re:flexions), Ulrich von Hutten (club|debil), Trstn Kauke & Grg Klein (Waggon am Kulturgleis Offenbach), Josip (MAJ MUSICAL MONDAY), Der Kulturminister, Worsel Strauss & Patrick Neuntausend (Frankfurter Klang), Xerox Exotique.

The co-players: szmt, SixTurnsNine, Rovar17, Emerge, Genesis, Ritual Extra, Worsel Strauss, Roland Etzin, trabouliste, Hans Hiscore, Minimum Viable Person, Anja Kreysing, Donatella Bartolomei, Eric Leonardson, Federico Dal Pozzo, Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim, Friedemann Von Rechenberg, Jan Kaiserwetter, Sofía Bertomeu Hojberg, Julia Zemanek, Bodycocktail, Kollaps, Patrick Neuntausend, Frank Kumm & Dr. Atomic.

Everybody who looked & listened.

And last but not least QTCT for help, support, photos & feedback <3

Antifire New video clip! This time for Synapscape. Antifire

The live video of the L'MERGE 40 performance with EMERGE has been released into the wild. Watch it here.


Zak's Cat And some more C= programming...
This time, a port of the lovely QLOCKTWO®, with added features.


ANALOGMUSIQ has released an EP with three oy my tracks called Fahrstuhlmusik. Get it here or here.


I am back in the Commodore programming game and produced a business software called $QUAND€R.


Aliens Pulse Rifle New video: Blank & Blanker - Dance or Die (Waffensupermarkt Remix / LDX#40 Recut)



Antiriad  Tree

New track: Escalier Étroit Supérieur Du Cochon

Dark Forest Ambient.


Happy New Year, everyone. I got some brand new 2018 live dates.

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