Description Year Format  
V/A - Feeding the Mite
Track #06: r-mlyte (as Sound Interface Device)
Released by Semantik.
1998 CD-R V/A - Feeding the Mite
V/A - An Acoustic Tribute to Bear Bruno
Track #08: Brüno
Released by Gruenrekorder.
2006 Webrelease V/A An Acoustic Tribute to Bear Bruno
V/A - Klirrbar 09/07/2010
Track #03: Diskretno Skupina Brisanje
Limited edition of 10 in 5 1/4" floppy sleeve, given away as ticket at the Klirrbar event.
2010 CD-R V/A - Klirrbar 09/07/2010
Kunst darf sich nicht mehr lohnen
Limited edition of 10 (?), "sold" (I was giving the audience an amount of money of their choice for taking it) at the live event 'Alle Macht dem Kapital - Exklusive Acht-Bit-Musik für die Finanzeliten des 21. Jahrhunderts' (as LDX$40).
2012 DVD-R Kunst darf sich nicht mehr lohnen
Bavarian Recordings Revisited
Unlimited edition. Contains my 4 earliest tracks, reworked on occasion of the 15th anniversary of my project.
Available as physical copy or on Bandcamp.
2013 Mini CD-R Bavarian Recordings Revisited
V/A - [rec.phonophon] - 5 Year Archive
Track 1/19: E.Soli (B.Oaschloch Speib Mix)
Released by Phonophon.
2013 CD V/A - [rec.phonophon] - 5 Year Archive
Antenna Research - Bended Realities 29:05:15
Limited edition of 10 (5 normal, 5 extra vintage). Live recording of my audiovisual collaboration project with Tobias Schmitt a.k.a. szmt, Antenna Research.
2015 VHS Antenna Research - Bended Realities 29:05:15
Limited edition of 50. Live recording of the concert in Augsburg on 23.09.2016.
Released by Attenuation Circuit. Also available via Bandcamp.
2017 CD-R Struggling
Silent Series IV
Live recording of the concert in Augsburg on 06.05.2017.
Released by Attenuation Circuit. Available on Bandcamp.
2017 Webrelease Silent Series IV
L'MERGE 40 - Live at Xerox Exotique #013
Live recording of the audiovisual performance in Frankfurt on 26.05.2017.
Limited edition of 24, with individually manipulated covers.
2017 DVD-R Live at Xerox Exotique #013
Winehouse - C2H6O2
Cork-mounted mini CDR-R, special release for a private concert/ wine tasting.
Limited edition of 15.
2017 CD-R Winehouse - C2H6O2
Released by ANALOGMUSIQ. Available via junodownload and beatport.
2017 Webrelease Fahrstuhlmusik