Downloading, remixing and non-commercial use of all songs is strongly encouraged.

For people who want to burn a CD of the songs created until 2006, there's a cover for an album called 'Missing Link': [download (228K)]  [view]

Pure single C64 songs are also available in the .sid format. .sid files are very small (usually less than 10K) and contain the original C64 sound data. They can be played in emulation on any OS utilizing the SIDPLAYer.

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Escalier Étroit Supérieur du Cochon (2018)

 Escalier Étroit Supérieur du Cochon 

themEX (2017)


SQ'D (2016)


Hyperborg (live, 2013)


Prism (live, 2013)


Bavarian Recordings Revisited (2013)
4-track mini CD - digital download available on Bandcamp - pay what you want!

 Bavarian Recordings Revisited 

SplitShit (2013)


Mobile Stress Unit #XIV (2008)

 Mobile Stress Unit #XIV 

The Bullshit Engine (2007)

 The Bullshit Engine 

Brüno (2006)


kybernaughty vs. LDX#40 - Wurstfabrik (2006)

 kybernaughty vs. LDX#40 - Wurstfabrik 

kybernaughty vs. LDX#40 - Wurstfabrik Abstrakt (2006)

 kybernaughty vs. LDX#40 - Wurstfabrik Abstrakt 

I'm a Manual Cunt (2006)
[mp3] [sid]

 I'm a Manual Cunt 

(It) Anti-Matter(s) (2005)

 (It) Anti-Matter(s) 

And You Can Be A Fa(s)cist, Too (2005)

 And You Can Be A Fa(s)cist, Too 

Anal Log (2003)
[mp3] [sid]

 Anal Log 

Green Badge Men Only (2003)
[mp3] [sid]

 Green Badge Men Only 

Shop Now - Riot Later (2003)
[mp3] [sid]

 Shop Now - Riot Later 

Die Faust von Sodom (2002)
[mp3] [sid]

 Die Faust von Sodom 

Der Geist aus der Maschine (2002)
[mp3] [sid]

 Der Geist aus der Maschine 

Delta (1999)
[mp3] [sid]


Mayhem in Monsterland (1999)
[mp3] [sid]

 Mayhem in Monsterland 

Paradroid (1999)
[mp3] [sid]


Echelon (1998)
[mp3] [sid]


Armalyte (1998)
[mp3] [sid]


Other audio documents related to LDX#40's music.

Live @ Klirrbar 09.07.10 (2010)
[mp3] (@ SoundCloud)


Live @ Klirrbar 12.07.09 (2009)
[mp3] (@ SoundCloud)


Live @ Radio X 08.02.09 (2009)


LDX40 @ Radio X (2005)


SH (eo ipso), [f/a/v] & LDX#40 @ Radio Z (2003) - Pt.1
[external source deleted]


SH (eo ipso), [f/a/v] & LDX#40 @ Radio Z (2003) - Pt.2
[external source deleted]

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